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Welcome to my nutrition based website!

Our office offer three services. We have chiropractic, nutritional consulting, and massage therapy. We like to think of our office as a one-stop for complete wellness!  Dr. James Incledon, DC, is our chiropractor, Tanya Guthrie, NC, is our Nutritional Consultant, and we currently have 3 licensed massage therapists. This site is dedicated to our nutritional consulting side, and ran by Tanya Guthrie, NC.


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Tanya Guthrie, our in house certified nutritional consultant, can help anyone of any age and gender. She can help you with simple things like supplement/vitamin education, to reading food labels, to helping you through a 10-day or 21-day detox/transformation program or a long term weight loss journey. She can also go as far as to help women during menopause, or helping to address adrenal or thyroid issues, or problematic digestion issues. To find out if she can help you, please call her directly at (561) 389-7803.

Exercise & Nutrition

The keys to proper health!

Detoxes & Cleansing

Is one right for you? Or are you in need of one?

Helping the whole family!

1-100, male or female! Tanya can help!

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