Better Nutrition, Better Health!

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Tanya Guthrie, Certified Nutritional Consultant, received her certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine in California. She has also attended several nutrition based seminars throughout the United States over the past 3 years. Tanya grew up in a household where proper nutrition and exercise was emphasized and taught daily. Since her younger years she has had a passion for nutrition and health.

Tanya still holds the same passion for proper nutrition and health today, and she wants to bring it to you! She feels that anyone at any age or income bracket can better their health each and every day, and the 1st place to start is with the food we eat. If one is not willing to make changes in their way of eating, they will not be able to achieve the nutrition and health goals they are setting for themselves.

We are not just talking about weight loss here, we are talking about every way your body can feel. We are what we eat! And if we eat food that is rich in preservatives, chemicals, food dyes/coloring, and artificial ingredients, chances are we are going to feel fatigued, decreased mental clarity, possibility of mild depression, and most likely have digestion issues (and the list goes one, these are just the most predominate). 

On the opposite side is eating clean; eating foods void of these horrible additives, focusing on (organic when possible) fruits, veggies, lean meats/fish (grass-fed or wild), nuts/seeds, healthy fats, lots of water (springs/mineral), minimal amounts of NON-gluten carbohydrates, minimal sugars, minimal dairy. Basically, anything that comes from the ground or lives on the ground. It's getting back to nature, and the basics. It is not eating processed, refined foods.

When one eats in this fashion, they can usually maintain a healthy weight, they have a tendency to feel better all around; about themselves, mentally clearer thinking, a more even attitude, less stress, sleep better, clearer skin, softer/shinier hair, less aches and pains AND less need for medications! That sounds like a win-win!

Tanya is also on the board for the Palm Beach Chapter of the National Association of Wedding Professionals. She is very active in the community! To learn more about the NAWP, click on the image to the left!