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Cholesterol ... The other big "C" word!

Posted on May 12, 2014 at 1:40 PM

1st off, cholesterol is super important to the body. If we did not have cholesterol we would not be able to repair or protect our body. Also, about 80-90% of your cholesterol is produced by the body. So, lets really look into this, why do people seem to have high cholesterol? I can assure you it is what people are eating. Most people assume that it is only linked to red meat and eggs or shrimp, or even some fats, well think again everyone! It is not solely from these types of foods, it is SUGAR!! The other horrible word in the diet and nutrition world! We are eating more and more foods that are prepacked, processed, fried, breaded, and not in their natural states. Not to mention all of the sodas, juices, energy drinks etc … that we consume each day.  All of these foods and drinks are laden with sugars and salts. Some research shows that we eat up to 56 tablespoons of sugar per day! How could one not if they eat “The Typical American Diet”. It is way easier then you think. Just read the labels of the foods you eat. The recommended daily allowance of sugar depends on male, female, and child, however, if we just average that out 30g would be the daily allowance. A can of Coca-Cola has 33g of sugar and a can of Sprite has 39g of sugar. Those drinks take the place of our WHOLE daily allowance.

Now, do not go thinking diet or sugar free is better because it just is NOT. It is fake sugar and your body can not even process it properly. So, in essence you are not doing your body any favor by consuming a product that is fake or a slew of chemicals.

“Elevated blood cholesterol is the result of the body producing more in response to a need (damage repair, cell formation, hormone production, etc …” (Judith A. DeCava).  This is why we need cholesterol and why our bodies produce it! If someone is battling a disease and even at certain points of a women’s menstrual cycle, their cholesterol with will be higher. Now, when someone consumes healthful foods like; vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, unrefined oils, unaltered fats, clean meats, poultry, eggs, and seafood (no hormones/antibiotics) – they can balance their cholesterol! However, this is a process, and one must understand that it will not happen over night. However, it can be done without statin drug medications.

What exactly does a statin drug do? Well, it is in fact a cholesterol lowering drug. This is widely prescribed to people, and is at the top of the list of medications people are currently taking. Understanding now that cholesterol is VITAL to our body and to repair issues internally with our body, does it make sense to take a drug that will literally make us void of cholesterol — I think NOT! Statins literally inhibit the liver enzyme that creates cholesterol (DeCava). It also hinders the amount of CoQ10, which is ANOTHER issue in and of itself! People who have a deficiency of CoQ10 tend to be depressed, have hair loss, loose teeth, frequently feeling tired, and much more. Not to mention that when one takes statins they could have many side effects, some are: Sexual dysfunction, abdominal pain/diarrhea, lowered immune system function, memory issues, muscle weakness, and most of all LIVER DAMAGE — plus the list goes on!!!

I have a much different philosophy on lifestyle, food, nutrition, and the like. I try to feed my body nutrients with the foods I eat. I do not eat food like items, but rather food, food that is from nature and natural. I sincerely believe that if everyone alters their eating they will decrease their need for medications drastically. I will also go as far to say that if people change their diets to where it becomes a constant and is now their lifestyle, accompanied with exercise they will also drastically reduce their chances of getting many diseases and health issues.

If you do your own research, you too will find that food is really the root of the problem with our bodies. Plus, the amount of medication some people are on just to exist. There has to be a correlation somewhere … just think about it people. Start repair yourself today and start to make better choices.

As always,

Yours in Health,

Tanya Dolan, Nutritional Consultant, Incledon Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Massage, Boynton Beach, FL (561) 389-7803

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