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Cleanses and detoxes are all the buzz right now! And, they should be! If we consider the environment we live in we start to understand how many toxins we are exposed to everyday! Here are some we are expose to everyday: air pollution, cleaning chemicals/detergents, cosmetics, lotions/soaps (with added chemicals/fragrances), fluoride enriched water, food preservatives/additives, pesticides, and the list goes on. I am sure that each and everyone of us can relate to at a minimum of 2-3 of these each day. These are toxic to our body and need to be eliminated. When one completes a cleanse/detox they are helping the body rid itself of built up toxins. If you do not try to eliminate these toxins there could be potentially harmful side effects such as; cancers, high blood pressure, asthma, memory issues, attention issues (learning related), a decreased immune system, depression, and a variety of other health issues. 


We offer 3 different types of cleanses/detoxes in our office:

1. Purium's 10-day Transformation Program: There is a basic version and a cleanse version. With each program you will not only lose weight (most folks lose 5-15 pounds), you will rid your body of harmful built up toxins, reset your metabolism, and retrain yourself on how to eat properly and healthily. This program is built up of green shakes, supplements, and organic foods available at the grocery store. I will be your coach throughout your journey, which will start a few days before hand to prep you for your 10-day journey. Since there are a few options with this program the price will vary. **See below for before and after photos!**

Cost: $240+

2. 21-day Purification Program - 

This program was built through Standard Process - the supplement company we use and carry in our office. We find that this is the most thorough cleanse one could do. It is structured personally for each persons personal needs. However, we do tend to follow the protocol that Standard Process has set forth. We recommend this be done at least once per year. We hold group cleansing sessions at the turn of the new year, referred to as our New year, New You cleansing group! We offer this 4-week program full of all supplements needed, recipes, helpful daily email, 1 on 1 with Tanya once per week for accountability and weigh in, 24/7 support from Tanya as well, and a few added in extras! Since there are dietary restrictions on this program, people are likely to lose weight (most folks lose 8-12 pounds). It is an excellent tool to use before a weight loss journey, or just to get back on track to a healthy diet. It is also extremely beneficial for one to learn about food, proper nutrition, and a proper eating plan. To read more on it, please visit this link:
Cost: $335

3. 10-day Blood Sugar Control Program -

This program is a truncated version of the 21-day Purification Program and is based to help even out blood sugar. This program can also be altered to fit individual needs. However, we do follow the recommendations from Standard Process, as they are who developed the program. To get a better idea of this program, please contact Tanya, or read the above link about the 21-day Purification Program. 

Cost: $185

4. Your very own program designed by Tanya -

You and her will devise a plan according to what your goals are in your life. From that she will build you an example of daily eating and/or exercise. She will also suggest supplements if she feels they will be helpful to you.
Cost: Varies

With either route you choose to go with Tanya, she will be there to assist you the entire time. She keeps herself available to her clients throughout the day and evening, and weekends! She is always a phone call, email, or text away. She prides herself on her commitment to her clients and always wants to ensure they are getting the best care possible, so they are able to succeed!

My Personal 90 day results using Purium and the 10-day Transformation and the 10-day Athletic Transformation!
Upper Left Day 1 - June 2014
Upper Right Day 10 - June 2014
9lbs and 4.5 total inches lost in 10 days!
Bottom Left - August 2014 - 134.2lbs
Bottom Right - September 2014 - 131.4lbs
Intense fat loss, and muscle gain!
I am currently 3 months pregnant, using Purium products daily and have gained about 5-6lbs so far as of 8/24/2015!
Joe Harvey's 90-day Purium results! Many inches lost, along with huge loss of fat, and huge gain in muscle! This is not just for woman, this program and products are for men too! Using this with permission from Joe Harvey and

Socrated Zayas 180 day results using Purium products! He started out like all of us, with the 10-day Transformation! He was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! He made a huge difference in his health! Using with permission of Socrates Zayas.