Better Nutrition, Better Health!

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Adding exercise into you daily life is just as important as what you eat every day!

I recommend at the very bare minimum that people get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This could be from walking, jogging, running, swimming, biking, fitness classes, weight lifting, etc ... Some people prefer to use other types of work outs like Crossfit and boot camp, or other more intense work outs, all which are perfectly acceptable. The point is, GET MOVING!! If you need some specific recommendations for exercise, you can ask Tanya. She also knows people in the fitness industry and could refer you to a gym, yoga studio, or even a personal trainer.

Eating healthy partnered with exercise will give you the optimal results you are looking to achieve. What you eat should be the primary focus daily. If you are not eating properly, the amount of exercise you do, can not always counteract an improper diet. Especially if you are eating a diet rich in sugars and carbohydrates. Eating properly will not only give your body an optimum supply of key vitamins and minerals, your body will be able to function better overall. And obviously, you will be healthier, which normally leads to being happier! 

Supplements! Did you know taking the right supplements and vitamins can make a huge difference in your goals of better health? Well, they certainly can! At our office we use Standard Process, Medi Herb, Purium, Carlson's Fish oil, and GreenFirst. All of these companies have wonderful products that we personally use, as well as stand by.

The biggest reason why we LOVE Standard Process and Purium Health Care Products, is because they are both WHOLE FOOD based supplements. They are not made out of any foreign or synthetic products, and our body knows how to use them to their full potential. Think about taking these supplements like eating and apple or a salad. Our body knows how to break down the molecules in each item and utilize it to its fullest potential. This is exactly how whole food supplements work. Now, when one takes a man-made synthetic supplement/vitamin, the product is not made from food, it is chemically made. Our bodies do not know what this substance is, and chances are will see it as toxic to the body. So, these other supplements/vitamins have serious potential to create long term deficiencies as possible health issues.  

Here is a helpful article that talks about why one should use whole food supplements:
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Here is another article that is written by Dr. Keith Ungar:
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