Better Nutrition, Better Health!

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Teaching nutrition early is key for the correct understanding of food, food and drink choices, and to help youngsters see that making proper choices will be continuously beneficial to their health. Tanya believes that if you start teaching your children early to understand the value of food, and the benefits it has, they will make better choices early and the foundation that was created to respect food will stay with them their entire life.

Tanya helps people of all ages and genders! She can tailor a program to meet anyone's specific needs or dietary issues, like gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc ...

DIGESTION: She can help solve and/or fix digestion issues. She can help you do this with changing and omitting foods and with supplementation. She can help people with IBS, Celiac, Crohns, acid reflux, and any other problematic digestion issue.

LADIES: Are you a woman going through menopause and having a hard time with weight gain, hot flashes, moodiness, forgetfulness? She can help you too!! Or are you having irregular periods, moodiness, PMS, or severe mood swings at the onset of your period? She can help YOU too!! With a proper diet and supplementation she has helped several women and teens. Each case is handled differently, and individualized to meet your specific needs.

MEN: She can help you too!! She can get you on the proper health track too! Even the things you are uncomfortable to talk about, she can help you!

ATHLETES: Are you an athlete and need some specific dietary recommendations or supplements to help you recover and preform better? She can help you too!

SENIORS - OUR SUPER SILVERS: Do you need some extra support for joints or muscles? Do you need some easy to change nutrition, or grocery shopping advice? She can help you too! There is a lot to learn, and she has the answers you have been looking for and need!

Just need some simple nutrition information for your whole family? No worries, she can handle that too! She can make simple suggestions that can benefit you family more then you would know. She can also sit with you and help you understand supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

No case is too big or too small!