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Basic Nutritional Consultation

Tanya will sit with you for about 30-45 minutes to help you identify what could be wrong. She will give you simple basic dietary changes. If you wish for more information this can be arranged. Prices vary.

Complete Nutritional Consultation

Tanya will ask you a series of questions or have you fill out a questionnaire in regards to what is going on. She will want to know how/when/what you eat and drink. This usually will last 60-90 minutes. She then will give  you a detailed sample food/menu with dietary changes etc ... She can supply recipes and exercises to you as well. If you are interested in supplements she can go over those with you too. Prices vary.

Cleansing and Detoxes

Please see our tab under Cleanses and Detoxes for further information and pricing. 

General Nutrition Help
Do you just need some help figuring out labels, what to eat, how to shop, and what supplements you should be taking? Tanya can help you accomplish these goals as well!